Steamed Vegetables      $3.50
Broccoli, carrots, string bean, cabbage, baby corn and zucchini
White Rice       $1.50
Brown Rice      $2
Sticky Rice       
Steamed Rice Noodles      $3

Honey Sriracha wings     $6.95
Deep Fried wings tossed in our Honey Sriracha sauce garnished with cilantro

Sticky Thai Wings     $6.95
Deep‎ fried wings tossed in our sweet n sour sticky sauce garnished with peanuts

Sweet Thai Chili Wings    $6.95
Deep fried wings tossed in our sweet thai chili sauce garnished with scallions

Devil’s Wings    $6.95
Crispy deep fried chicken wings tossed in our Thai spicy sauce.


Fried Banana     $3.50
Deep‎ fried banana and shredded coconut in spring roll wrapper served with honey and chocolate syrup

Fried Ice Cream   $3.50
A scoop of Vanilla, Chocolate or  Green Tea ice cream wrapped in thin slides of pound cake deep fried until golden brown

Ice Cream      $2.50
Your choice of  Vanilla,   Chocolate or   Green Tea